Violence Prevention Education Center

Female victims of domestic violence have always been central to TWRF’s operation for the past 24 years. TWRF has long been focusing on the gender inequality problem that is still prevalent in Taiwan’s society, which indirectly contributes to domestic violence. Through advocating for equality, TWRF hopes to provide indirect assistance to innocent victims suffering from violence imposed by their loved ones.

Besides, throughout the years, we also realize that it is important to reach out to potential victims of domestic violence. Violence is not limited to any specific groups of minorities. In every stage of life, no matter what gender or race you are, there is always a risk of becoming victims of violence, such as through exclusion of friends and families, or media’s interpretation of gender. Hence, in recent years, TWRF has put much focus on the primary prevention of violence, through workshops that instil proper values for teenagers, trainings of professionals working with children, and anti-pornography film festivals. In 2011, TWRF even started the operation of Violence Prevention and Education Center. Such plans enable us to reach out to a greater scope of people. As seen from above, TWRF focuses on not only problem-solving, but also prevention of the problem. We hope that people would learn to respect, and thus build a healthy relationship with one another.

TWRF also carries out research and development. Through research and practice, we aim to build a more effective system that will eliminate all forms of violence from our society.