Issue Advocacy
Underage Prostitution


Founded in 1987, Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation began operations in response to the discovery of a huge number of underage girls sold by their parents and forced into prostitution. Concerned about these sexually exploited girls, a group of enthusiastic lawyers, scholars, and social workers joined hands to rescue and provide long-term assistance to the victims, such as legal consultation, psychological counselling, education advice, and social reintegration. In addition to providing direct services for these victims, TWRF is also active in advocating on their behalf and educating the public on relevant issues.


Date Legislative action Advocacy Campaigns Educational Projects
Nov 1987   Held a conference on ‘Care for your child, stay away from Prostitution!’ to increase public awareness  
Jan 1988   Collaborated with 55 human and women rights NGOs to launch a peaceful demonstration on Huaxi Street against Human Trafficking.  
Mar 1988 Held seminar on the ‘Government Ethics Project’to discuss government’s anti-corruption efforts and the shortcomings of the existing laws.    
Nov 1988 Advocated for the amendment of ‘Youth Welfare Act’. Collaborated with other Women Right’s NGOs to submit a petition for amendment of the act.    
Jan 1989 Youth Welfare Act was implemented    
Feb 1989 Held a forum to discuss  the execution of the Youth Welfare Act Organized the ‘Save underage prostitutes’ week; Carried out a series of activities including charity shows, and charity auctions.  
May 1989   Held a symposium on ‘Stop Going to Underage Prostitutes!’ First training camp for volunteers involved in helping underaged prostitutes.
Sept 1989   Held a forum on ‘Why men go to prostitution?’ to discuss the why on earth is there a need for human to set up the prostitution system.  
Dec 1989   Held ‘Taipei Joy Charity Concert,’ and First Girls' Senior High School alumni charity auction’ to raise funds.  
Feb 1990  
Held a series of activities under the name ‘Cleanse contamination!’ which includes campaigns such as ‘Remove Porn, save underage prostitutes’, and the yellow ribbon movement.
Set up the Lily Shelter for underage prostitutes rescued by TWRF.
Mar 1990   Published the book titled, ‘The Story Of A Lonely Grass’
Jun 1990    
Dec 1990   Organized a campaign called ‘Return us our peaceful night!’ for the safety of women travelling at night  
May 1991    
Initiated the ‘Lily Project’ to save aboriginal girls from becoming victims of human trafficking.
Oct 1991    
May 1992     Published a handout called ‘Lets hug the sun!’.
Published an instructional book titled ‘Management And Counselling-Lily Shelter’; Filmed, ‘Lily and Sun: Protection for Women’; Carried out a workshop ‘Students Safety Protection’; Produced a guidebook on ‘Protect the Children!’
Jul 1993   Hosted a public hearing on the topic ‘What do you know about under-aged prostitute?’
Oct 1993   Held a forum under the theme, ‘Let’s discuss the issue of underage prostitute from the global perspectives!’
1995   Filmed advertisement to promote and educate the public on the issue of underage prostitutes. Produced an instructional video called ‘Urban Jungle’ to educate adolescent girls on protecting their own safety; Hosted the ‘Lily Counselling Workshop’; Initiated the 080-239595 phone line for female victims; Publish a handout for female victims in need of protection.
Mar 1995     Educational workshops ‘Children’s Safety’ were initiated in elementary schools to reduce the risk towards sexual assault of children.
Aug 1995 Advocated for ‘Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act’    
Sept 1995   Set 19th Sept as the ‘Save Underage Prostitute Day;’ Presented certificate to the Safety Ambassador.  
Apr 1996     Produced an educational film to teach adolescent girls on how to protect themselves, titled ‘City Jungle’.
May 1996   Filmed a short educational clip on, ‘Underage prostitution is a crime, say no!’and another to educate the trap of prostitution  
Jun 1996   Hosted a press conference for the advertisement on ‘Protect the Rights of Women’ and carried out a campaign to eliminate sexual content from advertisement.  
Aug 1996   A series of activities under the name ‘20th Century men; Leave Pornography, and Return Home!’ was held.  
Sept 1996 Hosted a conference to celebrate and discussed the first anniversary of the implementation of ‘Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Act’    
Aug 1998   Petition on ‘Respect Women, Say No to Prostitution’ was launched to raise awareness among Men.  
1999 Promoted the amendments of the law that no rape trial will begin without complaint, and that only prostitutes will receive penalty.    
Sept 2003     Published book titled ‘Lost Youth: Ten Stories of under-aged Sexual Workers’